Gastronomy in La Nucía

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As a consolidated tourist town, La Nucía has a network of restaurants capable of pleasing a discerning international clientele accustomed to quality.

There are some restaurants, which specialise in regional cuisine, where rice dishes, sausages and cold meats and vegetables from the market gardens have earned themselves a well-deserved prestige.

Among the typical dishes we can point out les pilotes de dacsa (stew with cornflour meatballs), els minxos a la paleta (home-made small pies preparedwith vegetables and salted meat or fish) or l’arròs cuinat (soggy rice with vegetables and pork). Centuries-old local dishes which have withstood the passing of time. A curious feature of the tradition which may perhaps explain to us this interest of the people from La Nucía in satisfying good taste is the existence of traditional ovens where they have been sweetening the breakfasts and desserts of the whole region for generations. The most popular are: sponge cakes, jam doughnuts, sweet potato pastries and other sweets.   

In addition to sausages and cold meats, there are two factories which will make you open and close your palate: a Cheese Factory with its famous soft unripened cheese with designation of origin and a Soda Factory, one of the few which has kept alive this traditional soft drink that mixed with so many others- it has four generations of history.

Another curious feature of the past was the picking and itinerant sale of lupin seeds throughout the region, which earned the inhabitants the nickname of  “tramussers”.

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