La Nucía Network of Walking Paths



The Network of Walking Paths in El Captivador has 6 different routes, which link La Nucía with El Captivador and the Environmental Education Centre, going through the most important green area in La Nucía. These 6 walking paths have an extension of 23 kilometres. La Nucía Town Hall has protected 2 million square metres of the pine forests existing in the areas of La Favara, the City of Sports and the protected nature area of El Captivador.


Panels and Threefold leaflets

In order to guide the users of these walking paths, all routes have been  marked by colours with posters and wooden posts. And to make it even easier, 7 information panels have been placed at key points, where users can park their cars or where there is good access to start the route. The locations are the following: in la Favara in front of the Tourist Information Office, in the City of Sports at the entrance of the Sports Hall Car Park, at the Cemetery Car Park, in the Urbanization El Tossal (2), next to a hundred-year -old carob tree -where different routes converge- and in front of the Environmental Education Centre El Captivador.


Sport, Leisure and Environmental Education

This Network of Walking Paths has different usages. The users of the City of Sports go there to run, cycle… or prepare their trainings. Work is currently underway in order to adapt one of them for disabled users. These walking paths are also used by a great number of hikers from La Nucía and from the whole region and they play an educational role too, as they are included in the Global Project of Awareness-Raising and Environmental Education in La Nucía (Ecopark + Environmental Education Centre+ Green Routes).

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