Prehistory in La Nucía

The first settlers of this area were attracted by the lush vegetation of the land and the springs situated on a hill, where the future village of La Nucía was to be located. A spot near the sea and the mountains in a privileged setting, a crossroads leading to the different slopes of the Valley of Guadalest, both in the past and in the present.


From the Iberians to the independence

Inhabited by the Iberians in the dawn of western civilization, this land received Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs as settlers, traders or armed invaders, until it was incorporated into the Kingdom of Valencia, in Christian Spain, in the 13th Century, following a final resistance by the leader Al-Azraq against Jaime I. The region was later the scene of cruel incidents during the War of the Guilds in 1521 and suffered systematic attacks by Berber pirates throughout the 16th and 17th centuries. These pirates used El Captivador, which now gives name to a natural spot, to imprison people.


Our modern history

In 1705, La Nucía became an independent town when it separated from the Barony of Polop. With this fact, history shows how most towns and villages, which are now a part of Marina Baixa (one of the seven regions which make up the province of Alicante in the Autonomous Region of Valencia) have shared roots.

Although its prosperity was based on the resources of a fertile land, this was not enough to cover the needs of the growing population in the 19th Century and it forced people to immigrate. In their search of work through different Spanish provinces, other countries and continents, the Nucieros showed their skills in jobs as difficult as stone cutting or producing cooked pork products. They also worked in the most diverse jobs in different places: the Philippines, the United States of America, Argentina or Algeria, closer to our home country.

We might consider that this difficult stage was the final phase of the apprenticeship necessary to become a people who are today renowned for their welcoming nature. That’s what most families from different Spanish regions or other countries think about people from La Nucia and that’s why they love spending long periods of time in our town- some of them have their second home here. It seems as if they were charmed not only by the mildness of the climate but also by the kindness of the inhabitants. Here anybody can find an open and plural horizon, like the pages of this long story.  

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