Fiestas in La Nucía



San Vicente Fiestas

This festivity is held on the weekend after Easter Monday in a natural spot commonly known as El Captivador. Here we find the Chapel in honour of this saint, located at an old country house between Altea and La Nucía. In recent years, these Fiestas have been extended to the whole weekend, they start on Friday and finish on Monday. During these four days, different kinds of activities are organised, from regional dances or performances by Valencian folk bands to walking races, barbecues or concerts. 


August Fiestas

The August Fiestas in honour of Virgen de La Asunción and San Roque are held from the 14th to the 18th of August. Most residents are involved in their organisation through the so-called Penyes and unlike other Fiestas, these are especially open, so it’s not strange to see tourists or people from other towns taking part in the different activities organised by the Penyes: reveilles, processions, concerts, street parades or mascletades.                   


San Rafael Fiestas

These Fiestas are held in honour of the Patron Saint of La Nucía, San Rafael, on the third weekend of November and are basically religious. They commemorate the independence of our town, which in the past, as it happened with most other towns in the region, belonged to the Barony of Polop.  

On Sunday morning, after the mass, the Auction of the Andas (Tabernacles) de San Rafael is held in the Chapel in honour of this Saint. People bid up to take the andas or the ribbons of the Saint later in the procession. Curiously the whole event is held in pesetas.

Later a procession is held (It starts at Plaça Major and finishes at the Chapel of San Rafael), which ends in an unusual race to the rhythm of firecrackers, in which the figure of the saint is taken back to its place of origin through the streets of the village.  

San Rafael Fiestas have a gastronomy of its own. According to tradition, on Saturday most families in La Nucía have putxero amb pilotes (stew with cornflour meatballs) for lunch. The following morning, after the auction, people usually have horse meat for almuerzo (early morning meal) in the local restaurants. There are also special desserts related to this festivity: sponge cakes, sweet potato pastries and polvorones (type of light, crumbly shortbread)   




The fact that the festivity of San Vicente is so close in time to Easter Holidays explains why La Nucía has never had such a traditional Easter as the ones organised in other nearby towns . However this month of April the theatre performance of the Passion, will be held at Plaça Major and Mont Calvari. It has been successfully performed during eight years by a group of theatre lovers from La Nucía. At the beginning it was just a gratifying experience but with the passing of time it became very popular and nowadays it is the most popular event in the activities organised in La Nucía Easter. 


Fiesta de la Carta Pobla, July 9

On July 9, 1705, La Nucía was born as an independent town by means of a legal document commonly known as Carta Pobla. The town had belonged to the Barony of Polop since its first settlements. 



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