Places of interest


La Nucía is a nice town where you can use all your senses and the best to stimulate them is to walk along our streets and visit our historical buildings.       

plano nucia turistico


“Font de La Favara”

Roadmen’s House.

Plaça dels Músics and Local Court Building.

Seu Universitària (Old School)

Plaça Major.

Portal de Sant Vicent.

Carrer Sant Vicent- Carrer Ferreries.

Carrer Major.

Plaça Santa Teresa.

The Washhouse and Plaça Sant Antoni.

Av. de Porvilla, Vantage Point.

Carrer Nou.

Side door of the Church.

Vantage Point at Carrer Calvari.

Carrer Sant Rafel.

Mont del Calvari.          



Guided Tours "Viernes Turísticos"

La Nucía offers all visitors free guided tours in several languages along the Old Town. They are called “Viernes Turísticos”, because they are held on Fridays. They start at the Tourist Information Office, every Friday at 10am and at 8pm.

The main objective of this initiative, completely free for tourists, is to help them discover the historical buildings and beautiful spots spread along La Nucía Old Town.

For further information on these 2 Hour Free Guided Tours 2 along La Nucía Old Town please go to the Tourist Info or call 96 681 10 98. You can also get in touch by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tourists will start the Guided Tour at Font de La Favara Natural Park. Then they will walk along the vantage point and the Carrer La Llosa until Plaça Major, to visit the Parish Church. After this visit, they will continue walking along Carrer Major until the Public Washhouse, an outdoor ethnological museum,  perfectly preserved.

From that point, the guided tour will continue through Av. Porvilla and its vantage point, with wonderful views over  the Mountain Chain of La Marina Baixa. After, they will visit the Plaça Almàssera, l’Auditori and the Seu Universitària. To finish this free-guided Tour, tourists will have the chance to visit the Ermita de Sant Rafel and the Calvari Mount, with spectacular views over Altea Bay and the town of La Nucía.



Guided Tours for Groups

The Environmental Education Centre (CEM El Captivador) has already started a programme of activities called “Los Sábados al CEM Captivador”. (Saturdays at CEM Captivador)

Every Saturday, from 10 to 14 hours, the CEM will be open to the public. The entrance will be free, so everybody will have the possibility to visit the CEM facilities at El Captivador. Guided tours will start at 12.00 hrs. and CEM Instructors in El Captivador will help visitors discover all the areas and rooms existing in this environmental centre: Nature Room, Laboratory, Arboretum, Mural Painting of La Sequia Mare, Ecological Garden, Ethnological Museum José Soler…etc.

The CEM Captivador is located in a privileged setting, near the Ermita de Sant Vicent, surrounded by a wooded area of 1 million square metres.


Guided Tours for Groups

The Department of Tourism in the Town Hall has also organized Guided Tours addressed to Groups, Associations, Clubs, etc. who wish to visit our town.

Half day or full day Tours to visit the places you are interested in:

Programme 1: Come and discover La Nucía, you will be surprised! Download Pdf
Programme 2: La Nucia Sundays. Download Pdf
Programme 3: Discover La Nucía visiting the Ethnological Museum and going for a walk around the Old Town. Download Pdf
Programme 4: La Nucía, discovering its nature, walking paths and culture. Download Pdf
Programme 5: La Nucía, discovering the Old Town. Download Pdf
Programme nº6 : La Nucía, European City of Sport and Environmental Education Centre. Download Pdf

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