2317860637 a7182b86b4 oAuditori de la Mediterrània
The Auditori de la Mediterrània, Cultural Centre in La Nucía, presents a varied programme of art and cultural activities throughout the whole year.

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SEU-Universitaria-en-La-NuciaSeu Universitària
A great number of courses and seminars organised by the University of Alicante are held at Seu Universitària in La Nucia.

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CEM El Captivador

CEM El Captivador is a leisure and educational complex created with a main objective: bringing Nature closer to people and spreading knowledge about Mediterranean History and the History of La Nucía. All Centre facilities have been designed with the aim of getting closer to people through an open and flexible space of information exchange. The CEM is managed by La Nucía Town Hall together with the University of Alicante.  

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cem-captivadorThe Ethnological Museum José Soler
La Nucía traditional society has passed us down a whole wealth of culture enabling us to find out how people really lived in the region of La Marina Baixa: photographs, eyewitness accounts and items which constituted the way of living and understanding the world in this region, everyday objects which tell us about those who created and used them. Recovering such objects is one of the most important aims of the Ethnological Museum José Soler and this has been possible through altruistic donations, which have provided the museum with a rich and varied collection.  

Centro-Juvenil-2Youth Centre
Young people in La Nucía have at their disposal a Youth Centre, where a great number of courses, cultural events and exhibitions are held. .
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Sport in La Nucíadeporte-la-nucia 2

“La Nucía, European City of Sport and National Prize of Sport 2012”

The City of Sports Camilo Cano has become a reference point at a national and international level in SPORTS TOURISM. Different sports events organised during the whole year attract thousands of visitors from across the world.

The City of Sports has a total number of 66 sports facilities spread in an area of 120,000 square metres.


Flea Marketrastro

In 1982, Jorge Beer, the Swedish owner of the bar Go-karts in La Nucía, decided to set up a flea market next to his business on Sundays. He thought it could draw more customers to his bar, located on the outskirts of the town, next to the present Industrial Area. That’s how the flea market in La Nucía was born. At first it only had a provisional license and at that time nobody could have imagined that it would become the main tourist attraction in the town.

The Sunday Flea Market was founded over 30 years ago and has become La Nucía main tourist attraction. Tourists, people from La Nucía and the towns nearby are happy to visit the 700 stalls set up along two kilometres, where you can find almost everything: antiques, bargains, curious objects… La Nucía Flea Market has recently changed its location. You can visit it every Sunday of the Year -in the mornings- in the Industrial Area l’Alberca.


Shops and Businesses in La Nucía


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